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[Hinodeya hospitality]

Ogi, Saga PrefectureIn Ogimachi, Ichi, Meiji 45Founded in 1912.
It has been about 50 years since we moved our store to Shimizu, the town of clear streams.
Since our founder's time, our creed has remained the same: ``Prepare safe and secure dishes with care, one by one.''

With clean water from the Tenzan Mountains and delicious ingredients grown in the rich land,
We make Japanese food that is healthy and delicious with all our heart.

With the beautiful nature of each season and hearty cuisine,

A time to heal your body and mind.

Please spend a relaxing time with your loved ones.

[Hinodeya's carp dishes]

The carp's body has been polished in the abundant and pure water of Shimizu Falls, which has been selected as one of the 100 best waters.

It is very delicious and incorporates the rich power of nature.

Carp that has been exposed to cold water has become firm and fatty, giving it a plump texture when you bite into it.

The more you bite into it, the more flavor it spreads, and you won't be able to get enough of it.

It's a special taste that can only be tasted here.

[Efficacy of carp]

Carp is so nutritious that it is called a “medicinal fish”!

It is also attracting attention as an excellent beauty food.
Contains a good balance of high-quality protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals,

Recovers from fatigue, strengthens nutrition, improves immunity, controls blood sugar levels, stabilizes the mind,

It has a variety of benefits, including improving eye diseases and improving the health of the liver and stomach.

It is also good for the mother's body during and after childbirth, and improves breast milk production.

It is said to be good for women's diseases and menopausal disorders, making it an especially gentle ingredient for women's bodies.


What is carp washing?

The unique crunchy texture is created by cutting the carp meat, washing it under running water, and soaking it in ice water.

It has a very refreshing flavor without any odor typical of river fish.

Enjoy with Hinodeya's special Japanese pepper-flavored vinegar miso.


At Hinodeya, in order to serve fresh and delicious carp, we only cut down the carp after receiving your order.

Please note that it may take some time.


What is carp?

Koikoku is a miso soup-like stew made by boiling carp meat several times and simmering it in miso.  

The flesh is light and fluffy, and the fat makes a good stock from the bottom.

The secret ingredient in Hinodeya's Koikoku is sake lees.

The flavor of burdock and the sweetness of onion combine to make it very flavorful and delicious.

It is a great product that is good for your body and is packed with the medicinal properties of carp.




Business hours: 10:00-18:00 Reservations required at night
Regular holidays Irregular holidays
Parking lot available
Address: 2053 Matsuo, Ogicho, Ogi City, Saga Prefecture, 845-0004
Phone number: 0952-73-4451




[From Ogi Smart Interchange (ETC only)] 5 minutes by car

From "Hotaru no Sato", go straight towards the waterfall. 5 minutes by car.


[From Yamato Interchange]
Proceed along National Route 263 towards Saga City
→Turn left at Niterabashi North (intersection)
→Turn right at Nijibashi (intersection) and enter Prefectural Route 48.
→Go diagonally to the right at the Yamato Nakamae intersection (Tateishi Kita intersection)

[From Ogi Smart Interchange (ETC only)]
5 minutes by car

[From Taku Interchange]
Proceed towards Ogi
→Turn left from Ogi Hatada intersection
→Turn left at Nakata intersection, right in front of Hiramatsu Hospital.

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